• Install Docker
  • Note: At any point if there is any failure , power down gimel quickstart/stop-gimel down
  • Clone Gimel Repo
  • Download Gimel Jar
  • Run the bootstrap module
  • Once spark-session is ready : play with Gimel Data API / GSQL

Gimel Standalone


The Gimel Standalone feature will provide capability for developers / users alike to

  • Try Gimel in local/laptop without requiring all the ecosystems on a hadoop cluster.
  • Standalone would comprise of docker containers spawned for each storage type that the user would like to explore. Storage type examples : kafka , elasticsearch.
  • Standalone would bootstrap these containers (storage types) with sample flights data.
  • Once containers are spawned & data is bootstrapped, the use can then refer the connector docs & try the Gimel Data API / Gimel SQL on the local laptop.
  • Also in the future : the standalone feature would be useful to automate regression tests & run standalone spark JVMs for container based solutions.

Install Docker

  • Install docker on your machine
  • MAC - Docker Installation
  • Start Docker Service
  • Increase the memory by navigating to Preferences > Advanced > Memory
  • (Optional) Clear existing containers and images
    • Check for existing Docker containers running - docker ps -aq
    • Kill existing Docker containers (if any) - docker kill $(docker ps -aq)
    • Remove existing Docker containers(if any) - docker rm $(docker ps -aq)

Download the Gimel Jar

  • Clone the repo Gimel
  • Download the gimel jar from Here
  • Navigate to the folder gimel
cd gimel
  • Navigate to the folder gimel-dataapi/gimel-standalone/ - cd gimel-dataapi/gimel-standalone/
  • Create lib folder in gimel-standalone - mkdir lib
  • Copy the downloaded jar in lib

Run Gimel Quickstart Script

  • Navigate back to GIMEL_HOME
  • To install all the dockers and bootstrap storages, please execute the following command
quickstart/start-gimel {STORAGE_SYSTEM}
  • STORAGE_SYSTEM can be either all or comma seperated list like as follows
quickstart/start-gimel kafka,elasticsearch,hbase-master,hbase-regionserver

Note: This script will do the following * Start docker containers for each storage * Bootstrap the physical storages (Create Kafka Topic and HBase tables)

  • To start the spark shell run the following command
docker exec -it spark-master bash -c \
"export USER=an;export SPARK_HOME=/spark/;export PATH=$PATH:$SPARK_HOME/bin:$SPARK_HOME/sbin; \
/spark/bin/spark-shell --jars /root/gimel-sql-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT-uber.jar"

Note: You can view the Spark UI here

Common Imports and Initializations

import org.apache.spark.sql.{DataFrame, SQLContext};
import org.apache.spark.sql.hive.HiveContext;
import com.paypal.gimel.sql.GimelQueryProcessor

val gsql = GimelQueryProcessor.executeBatch(_:String,spark)